Country Cream Milk- case of six

100% real milk.  Fat free. Six #10 cans

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  100% real milk.  Fat free. Six #10 cans

Each can makes approximately 5 gallons of milk.  At this price that's $4.15/gallon shipped.

So that's some decently-priced milk if you purchase by the case- so why wouldn't you buy it?

Inflation.  Right now, milk costs about $2.50/gallon.  How long will that last?  And can you really count on getting grocery store milk in an emergency situtation?  Buy this milk as a hedge or insurance against inflation and ensuring your family can drink REAL milk in a grid-down situtation.


BTW, this milk is from Wisconsin- from real cows, dehydrated in Wisconsin, and shipped to you. This is one of our best sellers so rest assured that the milk is fresh.  Also, stored correctly, it will last you about 10 years.  Fat free because fat-milk usually goes rancid faster.


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